Panicle Hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata 'SMNHPH' USPP33,207; CBRAF

Space-saving, colorful, and easy to grow - in any space or place!

Little Lime Punch hydrangea breeder demonstrating the plant's height

Megan Mathey, the breeder of Little Lime Punch, shows its compact habit.

Punch up the color and beauty in your landscape with Little Lime Punch panicle hydrangea! The newest edition to the award-winning lime-colored hydrangeas from Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs, Little Lime Punch hydrangea was selected for its neat habit and big, full blooms that transform from lime green to pink, red, and everything in between through the season. Whether you grow it in the frigid North or the steamy South, there’s never a dull moment with Little Lime Punch hydrangea in the garden.


3-5' tall × 3-5' wide | .9-1.5m tall × .9-1.5m wide

Cold/heat tolerance

Hardy down to USDA zone 3; heat tolerant through USDA zone 8b


Any well-drained soil will do. Like other panicle hydrangeas, Little Lime Punch isn't fussy about pH or soil type. Avoid wet areas and it will thrive.

Bloom time

Summer, with flowers persisting through fall.

How to use

Little Lime Punch hydrangea makes an outstanding addition to gardens and landscapes. It can be incorporated into flower gardens and perennial borders, where it provides months of color and beauty from summer through frost, or grown as a low hedge, small specimen, or edging around your home. Its tidy habit and small size ensures it doesn't become too big or difficult to manage.


Plant in full (6+ hrs/day) or part sun (4-6 hrs/day) in USDA zones 3-6. In USDA zones 7-8, morning sun and afternoon shade are preferable.


Easy-care panicle hydrangeas don't need much fertilizer - one application of a granular rose fertilizer in early spring is sufficient.


Little Lime Punch hydrangea should be cut back by about one-third its total height each spring, just as the new growth begins to emerge. This ensures the growth for the season comes from thick buds lower down on the stems, and helps build a sturdy base while also encouraging new growth for abundant flowering.

When to plant

In cooler climates, Little Lime Punch hydrangea can be planted from spring through late September. In warmer areas, plan in fall or the first half of spring, before the weather becomes very hot.

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