Panicle Hydrangea

A plant this colorful just makes you smile!

Multi color Little Lime Punch hydrangeas

Enjoy a Fantastic Range of Colors, Summer to Fall

Early Summer

The show begins in early summer, when buds begin to elongate and develop into distinctive cone-shaped panicles. When they first emerge, each floret is a study in lime and jade; they soon turn creamy white.

Late Summer

As the nights get longer and temperatures get cooler, the blooms begin to develop tones of bright pink and deep red, intermingled with fresh white flowers. It's a dazzling, dynamic display you'll enjoy for weeks.


Once fall is in full swing, the color becomes a consistent pink-red all over the flowers. When the first frost hits, the blooms turn brown, but continue to contribute interest to the winter landscape.

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Find Little Lime Punch™

Find Little Lime Punch™

Little Lime Punch Hydrangea with white and green blossoms